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We believe that one of the most important parts of the insolvency process is clear communication between everyone involved. We’re dedicated to offering friendly, expert advice that your company needs today, but in plain and simple English which makes the process as quick and painless as possible. Whether you’re a director of an SME, or a shareholder of a medium sized business, our expert consultants have years of experience in assisting companies in financial distress, to include reaching agreements with creditors (including HMRC) in rescheduling payment terms so as to ease pressure on cashflow.

We also offer assistance in securing the adjournment of any pending winding up petition where more time is needed to either achieve payment in full of the petition debt, or where more time is required to consider the appropriate insolvency process that may best assist all stakeholders. Should it be necessary for you to liquidate your company, we can arrange for the preparation of the paperwork for either a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation or a Members Voluntary Liquidation with Silke & Co, a licenced Insolvency Practice within the group of companies that we are a member of.

Whatever you’re looking for with regard to your company debt problems, Tax Office DM is here to offer the expert advice you’re looking for. If you have any questions about how we can help your business, please feel free to contact a member of our expert team on 01302 320 600 today.

We help businesses that have financial difficulties to recover, companies with turnovers up to twenty million form the basis of our client base. One of our specialities is performing under late instructions, especially with Winding up Petitions and Court Enforcement action.

If you have company debt problems then we can give you the best help to find the most suitable informal workout or insolvency process that would assist your company and all stakeholders. On occasions we will assist in preparing proposals for a Company Voluntary Arrangement, with the assistance of Silke & Co. In its simplest terms a Company Voluntary Arrangement is an agreement between a company and it’s creditors to repay part/whole of the company’s debt over a period of time, and which when approved by the requisite majorities of creditors will bind all creditors of your company (including HM Revenue & Customs if they are a creditor).

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If you’re looking for ways to repay your creditors and avoid going into liquidation, we’re here to help. Here at Tax Office DM we’re specialists in arranging for the preparation of Company Voluntary Arrangements, with the assistance of Silke & Co – one of the potential solutions to your company debt problems. Please feel free to contact a member of our expert team on 01302 320 600 today.

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Winding up Petition Help

A winding up petition has to be advertised in the Gazette, which can often lead to your bank account getting frozen. Banks have a system in place to spot petitions, and when they become aware that one of their customers is subject to a winding up petition ordinarily the relevent financial institution with which the company banks will freeze the company’s bank accounts.

This can significantly adversely impact upon a company’s ability to pay its creditors as and when the same fall due. We can assist the company in making an application for a validation order, an order of the Court authorising a company subject to a petition to pay specified creditors, so as to keep trading pending finding a solution to dispose of any winding up petition including payment of the petition debt.

Tax Office DM can assist in attempting to prevent this by assisting the company in applying to Court for a validation order, for specified payments to be made from the frozen bank account.

The bank should reopen the company bank account once they have received written evidence that a Winding up Petition has been dismissed.

Tax Office DM can also assist with instructing a Barrister or solicitor to seek an adjournment of the Winding up Petition whilst a Company Voluntary Arrangement is prepared and/or after options are explored.

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